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Vince XTRA Shape Hips and Thigh Cream

Rs.850.00 Rs.1,050.00

    Do you dream of slim thighs and hips? Are you suffering from 'pear-shaped' body? Women body tends to gain weight predominantly in the thighs and the hips region. However, when they are sculpted and toned, they give off feminine curves nicely.

    See body parts shrink, watch extra fat disappear and have tight silky and toned skin so, enhance figurex xtra shape hips & thigh cream by vince and get rid of unwanted fat any where on your hips and thighs.

    If you want to make a difference you have to commit. This is not a one night stand. Continuesly use Figurex Xtra Shape Hips & Thigh Cream on all trouble areas like thighs and hips for at least one month. This is the best cream vince could possibly make to help you look and feel thinner, tighter and smoother. The ultimate results will be obtained if you do the xercising and eating right thing in combination with Figurex Xtra Shape Hips & Thigh Cream you will see an improvement very quickly.

    Women as mother, wife, sister, worker, any order reported her roles, claims the right to have a better life, takes care of her health and her appearance and ask for solutions that will improve her daily routine.

    Vince stands by her side with innovative solutions for health and beauty which help her to respond to her roles but also to enjoy her life just as she deserves.

    If used daily and vigorously. Figurex Xtra Shape Hips & Thigh Cream which is specifically designed to trim below the belt, a noticeable difference can be achieved with in very short span of time.

    Key Benefits:

       Maintain a firm and shapely figure.
       Look slim and fabulous for a reunion party or any other occasion.
       Ton, tighten and reduce sagging skin.
       Squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans.
       Wear a special outfit that's gotten too tight.
       Removes stretch marks.

    Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Conlum, Lodium, Olive Extract, Lemon Extract.

    Manufactured By: King world Laboratories

    Country of Origin: Product of Australia

    Product Weight: 3.3 FL OZ (100 ML)

    Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place.

    Package: Box


    Usage: Apply Xtra Shape Hips & Thigh Cream to the desired area. Massage into circular motion to stubborn fat with the help of your finger pads untill completely absorbed. Use two to three times daily, after you have already taken a bath or a shower. After two to four weeks of massage, you will find a reduction in the amount of fat you have. Continue to use Xtra Shape Hips & Thigh Cream till your desired results.

    • Clinically tested and produced for asian arabic skin types
    • Tighten, tone and reduce sagging skin
    • 100% natural
    • 3x stronger

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