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MCC Accent Waterproof Eyeliner


MCC Accent Waterproof Eyeliner


Accent On Your Eyes!

Waterproof pencil specialized in smoky make-up expressing big & vivid eyeline.

  • Long lasting clearness without spreading! vividness!
    Porous sebum control powder is strong against water & sweat and minimize spreading below eyes.
  • Vivid coloring as if first make-up is applied
    Silicon layer strong against oil or water makes a coating around eyes and keeps lively eyeline with vivid coloring.
  • Soft application without irritation
    Vitamin E softly expresses moistness even around sensitive eyes with creamy application.
  • How to use
    • Take out about 2mm lead, apply eyelashes in between and adjust thickness of line according to preference.
    • Detach integral sharpener and softly cut pencil lead.

No.1 Accent Black

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