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Play with candy colored pastel shades, up to 6 days long wear nail enamel

Dazzling color combined with tones of sophisticated shine provides lasting wear for up to 6 days. Prevents chipping, fading and streaking. Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP & Camphor free formula.

  • Apply base coat. A base coat / clear coat provides an ideal surface for nail polish. This step is optional, but recommended. Applying a thin base coat to your nails will make your nail polish last longer and look smoother. Wait for 2 minutes to dry well.
  • Apply nail color of your choice. Applying polish can be tricky, try to apply just enough to cover the nail without showing brush strokes. If you do not achieve the desired color.
  • Dry after each coat. Each coat of nail polish should be given at least 5 -7 minutes to dry before another is applied, or a top coat is applied.
  • Clear coat. Apply a top coat/clear coat, when your nails are completely dry. To help make sure your nails have dried completely, try applying the final coat of polish half an hour before bed time, and then apply the top coat in the morning.

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