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Nutox Creams and Cleansers

Nutox is the answer to forever youthful looking skin. Not only do the ingredients within the Nutox range help you to look young, its anti-ageing properties actually work to preserve your skin's youthfulness. 

The new Nutox improved product range of anti-ageing skincare has two times more B’Nest Collagen™ compared to previous products. Clinically tested and proven from years of continuous research, B'Nest Collagen is able to visibly reduce signs of ageing. The new range has products that suit all skin types, including dry, normal, oily and even combination skin. 

Nutox is proud to have prominent Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu and local celebrity Nur Fazura as brand ambassadors for Nutox. Both are wonderful examples of the Nutox generation - ageless, beautiful and successful. Nancy's favourite product from the range is the Nutox serum which has a light texture and penetrates quickly into the skin resulting in a youthful appearance.



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